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Overcoming Challenges | CSR Project

The Kakamega School for the Deaf stands under two kilometres from the county's centre. Set on a 3 acre piece of land, the school settles on the lush greenery that is characteristic of Kakamega in and ...

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Posted on: 22 October 2015

Farm Diversification? Try Poultry

Ben Musasia is an Agrics farmer in Kaptech sub-location, Vihiga County. The program expanded into the area this year and he was one of the first farmers to take up the Agrics Poultry Package in Februa...

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Posted on: 05 October 2015

Farmer Spotlight: Moses and Janet's Story

Moses Anyanga and his wife, Janet, are first time agrics farmers from Lower Market at the Ibati Central area of Butere, Western Kenya. Theirs is a story of hard work and resilience. ‘Well, I&rsq...

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Posted on: 13 July 2015

More than change. True impact.

I am often humbled by the impact of what we do. Today, I had the opportunity to go out to a farmer's field. I saw the narrative behind what we do. I saw the impact that is driving our young organizati...

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Posted on: 01 July 2015

Making a Difference

In Kakamega’s Mulundu Village, Sara Machanule’s one acre maize farm is a sight to behold. The lush crop is rich with the promise of a good harvest this season. ‘I have grown maize on...

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Posted on: 08 June 2015