Working Smart

Working Smart

Having land does not necessarily translate to wealth. Mr. Masele Solo, a 41 year old famer from Mwabayanda village in Maswa knows this for a fact. His harvest was always merger and unsatisfying. He is definitely a hard worker but this never translated to the resulted he expected. From his five acre piece of land he would only get 6 bags of maize. This did not help when it came to feeding his family. His family consumes up to 15 bags of maize a year. 6 bags does not even meet half his requirements. One would wonder why he stuck to farming. He says it is the only thing he knew how to do and paired with optimism he always thought his farm would do well. 

Fortunately, he stumbled upon Agrics and it has been smooth sailing since. Farming was not the problem rather the old techniques HE was using and local seeds that were not certified. “I now harvest 50 bags of maize!" say a smiling Mr.Solo. Hunger and lack are a thing of the past for this family. He has enough food to feed his family and will sell the surplus for income. Mr. Solo tells us showing of his harvest, "training, provision of certified seeds and fertilizer has made all the difference."Mr. Solo is an all-round farmer. He is about to harvest 2 acres of sunflower and is expecting 10 bags. This will also increase his income as Agrics encourages Agribusiness and offers trainings on value addition.

Agrics has given him hope and made his dreams seem possible. It has been his desire to build his mother a house and if the trend of 50 bags continue he does not see why this would be impossible. His daughter will also be able to go to nursing school. Things are looking up for this Mr. Solo and his family.

He is now an Agrics ambassador and encourages this neighbors to join the train destined for success in farming. “Agrics is unique. It is not easy to find a company that trains you, gives you farm inputs on credit and follows up to help you with challenges in your farm. I am now working smart! Thank you Agrics East Africa.”

Posted on: 28 May 2016