Agrics, My Farming partner

Agrics, My Farming partner

“Farming is what I know. Farming is what brought me up. As a result I am a farmer, “says Mr. Jacob Wafula. An Agrics farmer from Cheptonon sub location, Mt. Elgon. I can tell he is passionate about farming and his community as well. He an Agrics group leader and the chairman of his sub location.

“A leader never leaves anyone behind”, that is philosophy Mr. Wafula goes by.  Agrics clusters its farmers in groups. The groups are given a standard target for payment to qualify for receivership of farm inputs. Mr. Jacob as group leader noticed some of his farmers were unable to pay their loans and stepped in. He would help then in repayment to retain their slot in Agrics and they would give him what they have in return. He was able to acquire three cocks and one hen.

He has been farming with Agrics since 2015 and has seen his harvest double. He used to farm on a half-acre piece of land and would get 3 or 4 bags of maize. Last year after joining Agrics he still farmed on a half-acre farmer but got a whooping eight and half bags of maize. This is more than double what he was harvesting before. He tells me this with a big grin on his face.

I ask him what he did different. He tells me, “Agrics makes all the difference.” Since he joined Agrics he has been trained on new technologies of farming and has received support from the Agrics community facilitators and the training officers.

He has seen his son join secondary school and for that he is a proud father. Children transitioning for primary to secondary school is an expensive affair. I asked Mr. Wafula how he managed to get his son into school. “I sold the chicken I got from my group members when I helped them pay their loans. I was also able to sell six bags of maize I got from the harvest. I used the money I got from the maize proceeds to pay school fees and now my son is in school," say a happy Mr.wafula. 

This year he has a one acre farm and his target is a minimum of 20 bags of maize. With this he will have enough food for the family and would like buy to a dairy cow for milk.

His only request to Agrics was to include onions in the top up products especially for Mt. Elgon region.


Posted on: 12 April 2016