Try Agrics, It changed my life

Try Agrics, It changed my life

Rose Odera is a farmer in Siaya County, Uluma sub location. Jovial, welcoming and she definitely loves to smile. We arrive at her home and she welcomes us with open hands. I ask her if I can take picture of her and she says not without her husband. We had to wait for her husband to come. They are partners, definitely a team

We sit down to talk about  Rose’s farming journey. She has been a farmer for as long as she can remember. She has a 2 acre farm and that is her major source of livelihood. She has struggled with her farm because it would only produce a maximum of 5 bags of maize. That is not enough to feed a household for a year. She says they would work hard in cultivation of the farm and planting but the results would not much the labor put in. She had tried many methods and techniques for planting but nothing helped in increasing their yield.

When she joined Agrics she had nothing to lose. She didn’t have much expectations for the fear of disappointment. She says in Agrics she was trained on how to cultivate her land, spacing, application of fertilizer and even weeding. She did as she was taught and when it came to harvest time she could not believe it. She harvested a whopping 42 bags of maize. She was in amazement. She says she did not do it alone. He husband and her Agrics Community facilitator played a big role in her success. She was able to sell 30 bags of maize for 75,000 which enabled her to finish building her house. Beautiful house, I tell you. The rest of the maize is for domestic consumption. This year she is expecting to harvest 45 bags of maize. They have decided to give back to the community by adopting two orphans whom they educate, house and feed.

Agrics offered me practical information and demonstrations. This facilitated my learning.

Posted on: 02 August 2016